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Louisiana Right to Life and Black Advocates for Life Dinner for Life in New Orleans East 07/28/18

Walmart patents surveillance methods

MGM resort files lawsuit over mass shooting in Las Vegasmore here

Mark Levin calls media criticizers of President Trump psychopaths

Is Planet Fitness really a “No Judgment Zone”?more here

Minnesota university punishes those who do not embrace the LGBT agendamore here

Guest:  Horace Cooper, Project 21 and National Center for Public Policy Research

Blueprint for a better deal for black America


Supreme Court nominee could mean a shift on the court


Racial preferences at institutions of higher learning


The impact of the church on the black community


President Trump revisits his remarks during the Putin press conference


Cable news sees apocalypse in the Trump/Putin meeting


Republicans and Democrats criticize Trump press conference


Saints player helps save man trapped in car


No audio available for this date

President Trump meets with Putin in Helsinki

Former CIA director accuses Trump of treasonmore opposition here

President Obama “I will have more flexibility” after the election to Medvedev

Putin throws soccer ball to President Trump

Putin asserts that Russian government did not interfere with U.S. election

Putin claims U.S. Intelligence helped move money to Hillary Clinton campaign

Identical letters opposing Kavanaugh nomination appear in papers across the country

Guest:  Stefanie Taub, First Liberty, discussing Supreme Court decision Sause v Bauer and also legislator led prayer



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Justice Anthony Kennedy announces retirement from U.S. Supreme Court


Sen. Chuck Schumer makes bold statements regarding SC appointment



More on the retirement of Justice Kennedy



Dems make up new rule on SC appointments


“Make no mistake, as soon as the president taps whoever Anthony Kennedy’s replacement will be, you’re going to witness the single most contentious, nasty, vicious, dirty, propaganda character assassination campaign.” —Sean Hannity


How Anthony Kennedy became a SC Justice