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President Trump at UN  … and here …. more here (warning: author of article uses some offensive language)


U.S. Government was spying on Trump campaign manager   Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.


Pelosi town hall meltdownNancy Pelosi shouted down at her town hall meeting by illegal immigrants


The History of birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens


Hurricane Irma leaves it mark on Florida


Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks


New Orleans/Baton Rouge newspaper still thinks jihad is a perversion of Islam


Nominee for federal district judgeship meets bigotry on the Senate Judiciary Committee


Questioning by Sen. Diane Feinstein


Questioning by Sen. Dick Durbin


Questioning by Sen. Al Franken


Democrats think that there is a religious test for public service … the constitution forbids that


Want to help with hurricane relief in Houston?  Here is a church that is housing displaced Houston residents:

Southwest Calvary Baptist Church

12910 West Bellfort Ave.

Houston, Texas 77099



Misery continues in Texas … once in a thousand year event

Beaumont without running water … Chemical plant explodes


High school football coach punished for silently praying on fieldmore here


Cleveland Browns no longer sitting for the national anthem


Southern decadence


Windsor Court Hotel joins in