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Guest :  Alex Lucas, Loyola Wolfpack for Life, discussing diversity in the pro-life movementarguing the pro-life position from a secular point of view

Guest:  Michael Daugherty, Cyber Security Analyst

New budget bill :  you have to pass the bill so you can read itPresident will sign

Democrats can’t say they morally oppose the wall

New sheriff in town – U.S. Attorney General Barr

Covington High students cleared of any wrongdoing

Smart electric meters coming to New Orleans areamore herecan smart meters spy on you?

Surveillance of students in the wake of Parkland shooting

GUEST:   Richard Manning – President of Americans for Limited Government, Socialism is a false God!  Stop Normalizing the Green New Deal

STARBUCKS Schultz rips ‘Green New Deal’ – Drudge Report
 The Senate will vote on the Green New Deal | Dems Freak Out – Houston Chronicle
 Accusations of socialism – Drudge Report

Rick Manning: ‘Socialism is a false god’ – Daily Torch

Baby found in the grass outside of Lake Charles hospital  … Louisiana Safe Haven Law

Another example of Democrats purging God from the legislative process

More and more Democrats and liberals turning to the bible???

Guest: Patrick Kanewske of Answers in Genesis, discussing the Creation Conference being held in Metairie tonightThe speaker is Dr. Tommy Mitchell of Answers in Genesis

Another day another Democratic candidate for President

Louisiana admitting privileges law will not go into effect any time soon

Democrats release their “Green New Deal”  … read the FAQ document heremore here  … and herehigh profile Democrats supporting it

No charges for man accused of killing unborn baby in his mother’s womb