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Guest: Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute, discussing gene editing and the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church


Gene Editing in China  … more here


Pope worried about homosexuality in the priesthoodsays gay trend influencing the clergy


“Ballot harvesting” used to swing elections in California


Joy Behar and Meghan McCain spar on “The View” over President Trump while eulogizing President George H.W. Bush


Radio interviewer plays “gotcha” on Lauren Daiglemore here

Wife of local pastor killed in carjacking


Republicans retain Mississippi Senate seat


NASA Mars landingeven the Science Guy says no colonization on Mars


U.S. Government lost billions on the bailout of General Motors  … President Trump threatens to cut off aid to the company


NBC reporter reveals the truth about the “caravan” at southern border


Media ignores use of tear gas during Obama administration


Media myths about President Trump’s border enforcement


Problems with the “caravan” at the southern U.S. border  … media having a fit  … more on the migrants  … more herePresident Trump makes a deal with Mexico


3 times previous presidents have closed the Southern border


Thanksgiving Theme: 1 Peter 1:3-5

What is Thanksgiving if there is no one to thank?

Pilgrims rejecting communism gave us thanksgiving

Rush Limbaugh’s true story of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day in the minds of liberals LOL ….

It’s a celebration of genocide

Racist and genocidal

How to talk about “reproductive choice” with your anti-choice relatives

… and remember when we were told to talk about Obamacare for the holidays?