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Guest:  Horace Cooper, Project 21

Black activists respond to President Trump’s State of the Union


President Trump honors family who adopted baby of woman addicted to drugs


Expectation is that the FISA memo will be released on Fridaymore here


Train carrying GOP members of Congress strikes truck on way to retreat


Congressman Mike Johnson received birthday greetings from President Trump before the SOTU speech


Kennedy Democrat rebuttal of SOTU

Listen to the end of this show for a fantastic testimony of caller who was molested as a child

We apologize for the quality of the audio for this day – interrupted by breaks

50,000 texts between the 2 FBI employees at the center of controversy ?????


They finally found the cause of global warming


Hot burritos kill!



USA Gymnastics doctor convicted of molestationaccuser points him to Jesus


Nassar should not be the only one going to jail  … lawmakers want investigation


New Orleans City councils reverses itself on anti-Israel resolution


State suspending alcohol licenses of New Orleans strip clubs


President Trump’s new controversial immigration plan


Guest:  Horace Cooper, Project 21

Did any government officials use the surveillance authority of the U.S. Government  to undermine the Trump campaign?


Secret society??



Over 3.5 million abortions performed at Planned Parenthood facilities during Cecile Richards tenure  … jumping ship before it sinks



President Trump in Switzerland   …  Hypocrisy alert!!


They finally found the cause of global warming


Guest:  Mark Miller Pacific Legal Foundation


Massive scandal brewing at the FBI


Supreme Court hops into Louisiana dispute over frogs


Operation Rescue statement on the departure of Cecile Richards from Planned Parenthood  … more here


Wendy Vitter nominated for Federal Judgeship


New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu won’t attend White House meeting on infrastructure over dispute of sanctuary city policies


FBI missing 5 months of text


Schumer withdraws offer on Trump


Illegal aliens being relocated throughout the United States


Much larger group of illegal immigrants that are under consideration for amnesty


Canada law could remove children from home of parents who do not promote sexual deviancy


Louisiana town tried socialism … hint:  it did not work


Mike Pence in Israel


Obama era orders muddling military recruitment