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Guest: Dr. Day Gardner of Project 21 discussing the President’s State of the Union Addressmore here

Highlights of the SOTU

Text of the SOTU

…  All babies made in the image of Godmore here

American will never be socialist

President Trump’s guests for the SOTU

Polling results on the speech

Democratic response

Humorous take on the Democratic response

Rep. Cortez’s reaction to the speechshe’s not apologizing

Bernie Sanders:  the President forgot to mention climate change!

Fact checking the SOTU

Text of the Democratic response

Fact checking the Democratic response to the SOTU

Justice Ginsberg did not attend the SOTU

Is it really an improvement having more women in the U.S. House of Representatives – or is ideology more important?

Guest: Captain Black (Nadra Enzi) of Project 21  discussing issues surround Virginia’s Governor Northam

CNN identified Gov. Northam as a Republican – he is a Democrat

Gladys Knight shows class and patriotism at the Super Bowl

State of the Union tonight – how will the Democrats react?some of the invited guests

Democratic field for President growing …  Marianne Williamson …. Cory Booker …. announce

Drag Queens read “Jacob’s New Dress”  to children at Lafayette Public library

Baton Rouge city council may take up LGBT+ “civil rights” ordinance

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U.S. Supreme Court once again delays implementation of LA admitting privileges law

Virginia Legislator who sponsored abortion bill … wants to protect caterpillars  … more here

What if we just consider unborn babies as infants simply trying to cross the border of the birth canal?

Rep. Katrina Jackson explains why she is a pro-life Democrat

President Trump will deliver State of the Union Tuesday night

Using technology to secure the border

CNN contributor:  Trump punishment on America

Guest:  Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich, author of Robert Mueller: Errand boy for the New World Order

Mueller investigation close to being completed?

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry asks U.S. Supreme Court to deny delay of pro-life law

Democrats opposed reinserting God in their platform

Nancy Pelosi mocking the religious beliefs of Republicans

Researchers try to tie “religious fundamentalism” to brain damage!!

Israeli scientists think they may have found a cure for cancer

March for Life in Baton Rouge this past Saturday


NY “Reproductive Health Act”  … more hereNY not the only state with legalized late term abortion  … state policies on late term abortion


Remember when the Cuomo said pro-lifers not welcome in NY?


Florida pushes to make animal cruelty illegal while NY advances killing of unborn children


Should Governor Cuomo be excommunicated from the Catholic Church?


Abortion pill by mail


LA admitting privilege law scheduled to go into effect



Shutdown ends;  State of the Union postponed


Former San Francisco mayor boasts that he helped Democratic Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris’ career after his extramarital affair with her


Louisiana Life March in Baton Rouge – 10:00, January 26, 2019

Guest: Nancy Pearcey, authorfollow Nancy on Twitter , The Pearcey Report

Why Christians can get taken in by secular ideas “Even those who identify as Christian can get taken in by a secular worldview. Too often, they fail to recognize it because they know Christianity only as a spiritual experience, not as an alternative worldview. They do not realize that the Bible provides not only a message of salvation but also a lens through which we view all of life–the human person, history, nature, and society.”

Senate rejects two bills to end the shutdown

Little Sisters of the Poor back in court over abortion funding


Guest: Chris Skates discussing his article on the Washington D.C. incident with the Covington High School students

Here is a lengthy video which shows what happened in the confrontation (warning graphic language!!!!!)

More about Nathan Phillips

Interview with Nick Sandmann

More here

Last week was a bad week for the media

Governor of Kentucky weighs in

Democrats vote against paying federal workers during partial government shutdown


Louisiana Life March in Baton Rouge – 10:00, January 26, 2019


Supreme Court lifts injunction on President Trump’s transgenders in the military ban – there is no civil right to serve in the military  … more here


VP Mike Pence speaks to March for Life


President Trump’s proclamation on the sanctity of human life  …


Will veto any legislation which weakens the protection of human life


More on the March for Lifemedia reports only about “1,000” people attendingnetworks don’t cover


A tale of two marches  … Women’s march shrinking in numbers  … more here


Senate rejects government wide ban on abortion fundingmore here


Federal appeals court rules that Planned Parenthood videos were not deceptively edited



New York bill declares person not a human being until birth.   – 35% of all pregnancies/50% of all African American pregnancies in New York end in abortion




Louisiana abortion admitting privileges law could go into effect by the end of January


5th circuit rules against Planned Parenthood on Medicaid funding  … more here


Planned Parenthood made $245 million last year performing abortions


From Operation Rescue:

Since the tragic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision 46 years ago today, more than 60,989,403 children have been killed by abortionists, like Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.

On this terrible 46th memorial of Roe v Wade, here is some encouragement.

  1. The number of killing centers have decreased by 70% (from 2176 in 1991, to 697 today)
  2. The number of babies murdered have decrease by about 40% (The most children were killed in 1991 at 1.6 million innocent children, today about a million babies are murdered)
  3. The number of Christ centered pregnancy centers out number abortion mills 5 to 1.

Yes, there is a lot of work that needs to be done, but we are winning!