Governor Edwards issues “stay at home” order

Special broadcast by Governor Edwards on the Corona Virus crisis at 7 p.m. tonight  … you can watch on WYES TV in New Orleans – channel 12

Salem radio network special on the virus

From State Representative Beryl Amedee:

PEOPLE! 😳 Please read and share!

Louisiana is not under martial law. We are not under “lock down.” No one needs “papers” to travel on the roads under the “stay at home” order. No one will be arrested, detained, issued a citation, or even stopped and questioned for being on the road under this order.

Some companies may be issuing papers to their employees that show they work in “essential” businesses. But that is more for the benefit of the company so their employees don’t stay home from work making business impossible. It’s not because any police officer will stop them from traveling.

Go to the grocery store. Walk your dog. Go jogging. Go run errands for your elderly neighbor. Go fishing. Go to work, unless you work in an industry that has been shut down or for a business that has decided to close.

DON’T go visit friends for fun. DON’T have a birthday party. DON’T visit grandma at the nursing home, unless you do so standing outside looking through a closed window, talking by phone. DON’T play basketball with friends at the park. Most of all, DON’T keep posting wrong information!

And if ANYONE gets stopped by ANY police officer or military person just for traveling or being out in public, let me know immediately! I need details from the person who gets stopped. (I will not act on reports of someone’s brother’s neighbor’s ex-wife’s cousin once removed.) (And I am not fixing your speeding ticket so behave.)