Phone numbers to call to ask Governor Edwards to act now on shutting down abortion facilities during the pandemic:

(225) 342-0991

(225) 342-7015

(866) 366 1121

Guest: Christopher Arps of Project 21 discussing U.S. Surgeon General’s remarksmore here … and also integrity in the voting process

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Fear driving up abortions

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Tomorrow (04/15/20) both the House and Senate Government committees will be holding hearings regarding voting for the Presidential primaries.  They are taking public comment via email.  Also, is not clear how this would be voted on in the full House and Senate.  Not sure if they would have to vote in person or from a distance presumably without any debate.

The proposed plan will allow mail in ballots for a large variety of reasons related to the corona virus.  

Proposed plan here

This is supported by radical left wing groups which aim to allow mail in voting for any reason:

Louisiana Progress

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Vote by Mail Louisiana

Here are current rules for voting by mail

More info:

Vote by mail supported by Michelle Obama

Heritage Foundation: why vote by mail is a bad idea

NCSL Pros and Cons of mail in voting

More problems with mail in voting