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Pro-life activities coming up

Also, in New Orleans in front of Planned Parenthood on January 22, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.

Afghanistan now the worst persecutor of Christians …  Christians suffering abroad 

Biden On His Disastrous Pullout From Afghanistan: ‘I Make No Apologies For What I Did’

Dems in Senate fail to pass voting bill and fail to change the filibuster rulemore here

Biden: Elections Might Not Be Legitimate If My Leftist Voting Rights Agenda Is Not Passed

In press conference, President Biden says that his administration has made enormous strides

U.S. Government buying test kits from CHINA!!!  … U.S. Senator asks that no U.S. money goes to Chinese test kits

Vanderbilt Hospital predicates kidney transplant on COVID shot

Amazon censors book dealing with gender dysphoria

Canadians can no longer legally support biblical definition of marriage

“Conversion therapy” bans threaten U.S. churches