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Recap of pro-life activities over the weekend

Marching towards a Post Roe future

 Even the Washington Post has admitted that this year’s march may be the last under Roe

Susan B. Anthony List released its National Pro-Life Scorecard, and the results bode well for Louisiana! Senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy, along with House Reps. Clay Higgins, Garrett Graves, Julia Letlow, Mike Johnson, and Steve Scalise all received A+ ratings for their pro-life stances. 

We now await Life #AfterRoe as the Supreme Court deliberates in the Dobbs case. 

Biden Administration:

  • • Embraced radical pro-abortion policies contrary to science 
  • • Used taxpayer dollars to fund late-term abortion
  • • Democrats have refused to back any limitations on abortion, including up to the moment of birth and after
  • • Democrats even blocked legislation banning infanticide
  • • Abandoned decades of bipartisan consensus by not including the Hyde Amendment , which prevents taxpayer dollars from funding abortion, in their tax-and-spend “Build Back Broke” agenda

Stacking the administration with Planned Parenthood activists

This has to be one of the dumbest things I have heard in a while – Ford employees want to refuse to build cars for certain customers