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Praying for our Legislators:  Rep. Raymond Crews

Prolife Day at the Capitol – Monday, 4/25/22

Legislative update (click on Bills to Watch)

Here are some the bills we discussed today:

HB 142 by Rep. Schlegel  – Provides for a private right of action against commercial entities who publish or distribute information harmful to minors on the Internet without placing reasonable age verification methods.  PASSED HOUSE CIVIL LAW

HB 209 by Rep. M. Landry – Authorizes certain parishes to adopt or enforce certain ordinances or regulations regarding the sale, purchase, possession, ownership, transfer, transportation, license, or registration of firearms, ammunition, or their components. Based on parish population would allow Orleans, Jefferson, and East Baton Rouge to adopt ordinances more restrictive than state law INVOLUNTARILY DEFFERED IN HOUSE CRIMINAL JUSTICE

HB 135 by Rep. Marino – People visiting here from other states can have medical marijuana “recommendation” filled. PASSED HOUSE HEALTH AND WELFARE

HB 190 by Rep. T Johnson – Authorizes nurse practitioners with prescriptive authority to recommend medical marijuana to patients. PASSED HOUSE HEALTH AND WELFARE

HB 425 by Rep. Bagley – Increases the number of marijuana pharmacies from 10 to 20 PASSED HOUSE HEALTH AND WELFARE

HB 768 by Rep. Marino – Increases the total number of therapeutic marijuana pharmacy licenses the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy can issue from 10 to 25 and provides criteria for the selection of applicants receiving any new licenses PASSED HOUSE HEALTH AND WELFARE

SB 388 by Sen. Hewitt – mail order abortion a felony WILL BE HEARD ON SENATE FLOOR ON 4/25/22

HB 459 by Rep. Chuck Owen – Life Sustaining Care Act – deals with end of life issues WILL BE HEARD ON THE HOUSE FLOOR ON 4/25/22

HB 450 by Rep. Chuck Owen – opening adoption records

HCR 64 by Rep. Freeman – Provides for a study relative to certain programs of crisis pregnancy centers- specifically targeting the Alternatives to Abortion program PASSED HOUSE HEALTH AND WELFARE

SB 44 by Sen. Beth Mizell – Fairness in Women’s Sports Act PASSED THE SENATE

SB 104 by Sen. Mizell – would prevent abortion facilities from confiscating communication devices of patients PASSED SENATE HEALTH AND WELFARE