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Democratic debate tonight

Safe haven laws work!

Meanwhile Fox sees departure of prominent commentator

Guest:  Raynard Jackson of Black Americans for A Better Future discussing The NBA and China connection – Does the NBA support tyranny?

Why the NBA and other companies cave to ChinaMore hereand here

What’s at stake … billions

Basketball star Lebron James weighs in

Louisiana to subsidize Chinese chemical plant

Hollywood sells out to authoritarian China

China shutsdown Bible app

Today is Columbus Day not “Indigenous People’s Day”

Sad news about building collapse in New Orleans

Coverage of Election Results

Abraham endorses Rispone

The Trump effect  … or the Obama effect

Will Louisiana Republicans embrace Eddie Rispone

Not a good night for Democrat party in Louisiana

Legislative races a runaway for conservatives

Sen. Milkovich, pro-life hero, loses to Republican

Strange situation in Baton Rouge Senate race

President Trump rally in Lake Charles last Friday

Fake News!!!

Watch Value Voters Summit videos herePresident Trump speaks at the summit

Your chance to see Hillary and Chelsea Clinton in person!

Election Guide – Primary elections this Saturday!

President Trump coming to Louisiana this weekend to support Republican candidates for Governor after Governor Edwards blames closing of major business to Trump tariffsmore here

Latest polling results in Governor’s race

Early voting numbers seem to indicate Republican surge

Democrats say they have a new whistleblower regarding President Trump’s Ukraine conversations

Election Guide

Vice President Pence to stump for Republicans in Louisiana this weekend

Planned Parenthood secretly builds abortion facility in Illinois

Brother of man killed by police officer offers forgiveness

Republican leadership in Congress requests that Nancy Pelosi cease the “impeachment inquiry”

Louisiana school based clinic administers intrusive questionnaire to students

School based health clinic accused of fraud

Pro-family worker bullied out of coffee shop