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At least 3 more weeks of COVID restrictions in Louisiana

How many people would arrive at school with virus if school started right now

“Pods” – parents joining together to educate their children – might be the latest innovation to arise out of the pandemic   P.S.  Homeschoolers have been doing this for decades

Shreveport abortion facility drops lawsuit

Abortion by mail now available in U.S.Trump administration trying to fight this

U.N. appoints abortionist as expert on human rights

Next up for 2020 … mysterious plant seeds!!!!  … more here

Black conservative Herman Cain passes away

Now Dr. Fauci recommending full face coverage!

Another lawsuit filed in Louisiana over COVID restrictions

Governor Edwards says masks are the “new normal”

The Left’s “mostly peaceful” protests narrative

Protesters” block New Orleans courthouse

The Advocate trying to prop up pro-abortion Democratic candidate for U.S. Senatemore here

Is abortion drug the secret to the Fountain of Youth?

Guest: Shreveport, LA attorney, Royal Alexander joins me to discuss current events.  The Hayride has recently begun publishing his articles. 

Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes

Reflections on the cancel culture

White House Coronavirus task force recommending greater restrictions in Louisiana

Social media platforms censor information about physician press conference in Washington, D.C.

Big Tech blocking Christian messages

Liberals claiming President Trump readying for martial law

AFA National threatened, perpetrator sentenced

Facebook blocking pages/posts which help people to be delivered from unwanted same sex attractions

Guest:  Horace Cooper, Project 21 and National Center for Public Policy Research discussing current events


Goya Foods boycott fails

Ripping down statutes

Radical Racial rhetoric at the Smithsonianmore hereBlack power naps – Systemic racism in sleep ????

Louisiana to stay in Phase 2 for the Corona virusmore here

Lawsuits arise in Louisiana over COVID restrictions

Ochsner Chief Medical Officer thinks masks will be around until the summer of 2021

Ochsner chart on relative risk for Corona virus

Baton Rouge schools rethinking in person instruction

Wow!!! A Planned Parenthood affiliate finalizing recognizes that Margaret Sanger was a racist eugenicist