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Supreme Court justice claims court’s refusal to stop Texas abortion law “catastrophic”

 President Biden comments on shot mandates

CDC Director Walensky: ‘There Is A Plan’ To Get Unvaccinated Workers ‘Education And Counseling’

 And if you have negative side effects from the shots, you generally have no legal recoursemore here

“Shielding” guidelines for isolating COVID positive individuals

Why the Heavy-Handed Mandate Bullying?more hereand here

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Update on the first “female” admiral in U.S. Public Health Service  …video …. Congressman suspended from Twitter for denying that Dr. Levine is “female”

China developing weapons while U.S. State Department worries about “pronoun day”

The State Department recently took to Twitter to promote International Pronouns Day. This is the government officially endorsing the use of “neopronouns” like ze, zir, and zirs. Good to know the Biden administration has its priorities in order.

Dads on Duty at Shreveport high school … more here

School bus driver shortage nationwidemore hereincidents like this don’t help

NSBA apologizes!!!apparent collusion with Biden Administration

Ochsner gives shot to minor without parental consentmore hereand here

Schools gearing up to give “shots to tots”more here

Brought to you by Pfizer

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Part 2 of Today’s Show

House oversight committee grills AG Merrick Garlandmore hereand here

Republicans Block Senate Democrats’ Effort to Overhaul Federal Election Laws

Man who presents himself as a woman becomes 4 star officer  … more here“female” four star admiralmore hereand here

White House calls Texas’ bill protecting girls’ sports ‘hateful,’ ‘bullying disguised as legislation

Transportation secretary defends being off the job for months for family leavereemerges for U.N. climate change gathering

Is adoption meant to provide babies for families, or families for babies? 

Transgender Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Wins ‘Sportswoman Of The Year’ Award

 DUH! : Biologically Male Athletes Have Unfair Advantage Over Women, Major Review Finds

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Followup from yesterday’s show:  Christians in China loss of Bible app

Missionaries abducted in Haiti – gang now demanding $17 million ransom

Carjackings on the rise in New Orleans

Supply chain problemsmore here  … press secretary laughs and jokes 

Biden administration secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night .. Press secretary confirmsmore here

San Francisco restaurant closed because they would not enforce city’s vaccine mandatemore here

Delta Airlines says no vaccine mandates but imposing penalties on unvaccinated employees

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Free Speech Week  October 18 – 22, 2021

Louisiana School Board Association withdraws from membership in National Board over parents as “domestic terrorists”

Louisiana Social Studies standards put on hold

Louisiana Senator again subject of ethics questions

Louisiana news outlet produces puff piece on abortion in Texas

Fox News host delivers an awesome and emotional argument against abortion

Female athlete competed while pregnant

Texas legislature passes bill vetoed by Louisiana Governor

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Guest: Dr. Jennifer Morse discussing socialism’s attack on the family … and other topics

Self driving cars keep ending up on dead end street in San Francisco

Katie Couric’s deceptive move to protect Justice Ginsburg

White House warns of empty shelves during holiday seasonPress Secretary comments on this

President Biden blames it on the unvaccinatedmore hereTucker Carlson weighs in on this

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Captain Kirk actually goes into space!!!

SATIRE:  How kids can tell if their parents are “domestic terrorists”

Hilarious staged video of VP Kamala Harris

Southwest Airlines CEO says flight cancellations not about shot mandate

More proof that the COVID shot is not a vaccine

CDC changed the definition of vaccine

President using COVID to fundamentally change our economy

President Biden picks pro-abortion politician for Vatican post

Louisiana Representative Katrina Jackson comments on Congressional democrat support of abortion

Communists in the U.S. Capitolmore here

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Part 2 of Today’s Sow

COVID shot mandates beginning to have serious consequencesmore hereand hereand here

And this regarding another airline

Will Joe Biden’s use of OSHA rulemaking withstand legal scrutiny?

No longer need shot to go to LSU stadiumand shot mandate for Louisiana state employees scrapped

Fast food chain resorts to executives manning the fry baskets

Does anyone think this is not such a great idea?

Louisiana School Board Association rejects National Board’s request for federal help … Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo in response to the NSBA’s letter of complaint

We need to watch our kids!!!  …. More info here

 Playboy Magazine: From Lewdness to Perversion