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Guest:  Dr. Jennifer Morse, discussing the Ruth Institute conference

Louisiana Right to Life Diaper Drive

Movie – Unplanned coming to N.O. area theaters

Pilgrim’s Progress movie

Education Conference at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church 4/26 and 4/27

Legislative update:

Constitutional amendment on abortion moves out of House committee

White House will host a screening of the movie “Gosnell”

Presidential hopeful (a man) wants to have a baby with another man

President Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military goes into effect and receives criticism

Students at Christian College “shaking” over invitation to Mike Pence to speak there

Education Conference at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church 4/26 and 4/27

Notre Dame Cathedral burns in Paris

Tomorrow Legislative committee will hear bill to protect life in our LA constitution

You can send a message to every member of the committee here

Ohio lawmaker wanted to specifically allow abortion on black babies  … more heremore on the Heartbeat bill here

Rumored that President Trump might send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities… liberals freak out

A list of sanctuary cities (includes New Orleans)

Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris wants to protect dogs who survive dogfights …. Unborn babies who survive abortion – not so much

Guest: Emery McClendon, Project 21     discussing the latest examples of cultural appropriation

Elections for Israel Prime Minister being conducted today

Staggering statistics about the crisis at our southern border

Another Democrat candidate promotes lawlessness in immigration

Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris mocks the Pence rule

Democrat candidate judges President Trump’s faith and makes false claims about Christianity, what a surprise!more hereand hereand here

Another Democrat engages in “cultural appropriation”more here

Joe Biden apologizes for calling Mike Pence “a decent man”