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Biden to announce COVID vaccine-or-test mandate for federal workers

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DOJ Declares Vaccine Mandates Legal

Going Backward: CDC Officially Recommends Even Vaccinated People Wear Mask  … more here

Is the surge in the virus really the fault of the unvaccinated?

“Trust the science” they say

Republican congressman says vaccine mandates are tyranny

Louisiana Attorney General weighs in on vaccine mandatesmore here

During COVID-19, most Americans got richer – especially the rich

American households added $13.5 TRILLION in wealth during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic plunged Americans into recession. Instead of emerging poorer, many came out ahead.

Captain Kirk weighs in on life … and on how it ends

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Veterans Affairs to mandate COVID vaccine for health care personnel, first such mandate for federal agency

‘Don’t want to get vaccinated, leave’ — hedge fund founder mandates Covid shots in his office

Texas Dems who fled the state request care packages

Fashion magazine wants more depictions of abortion in media

MSNBC depicts pro-lifers as racist

Abortion statistics

Pro-life laws effective

Friend of the Court brief filed in Mississippi abortion case before Supreme Court

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Louisiana newspaper declares rejection of veto override on Fairness in Women’s Sports a “moral victory”newspaper stirring up hate

Governor renews call for more COVID shotsand masks

Renewed nursing home concerns about COVID

Transit authority will require shot for employees

AG Landry challenges COVID shot mandate

Some healthcare institutions wary of vaccine mandate

Homeschooling surges post-COVID

Youtube removes Family Research Council video on vaccine

Gambling cheerleader nominated to be chief gambling regulator

Border crossers being bussed to Louisiana cities  … more hereImmigrants being dropped off in Louisiana cities  … more here

Louisiana House of Representatives falls short on veto override

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Governor reveals his strategy to get the veto sustained

Moving forward in the Louisiana House of Representatives after Governor’s veto sustained

Hail Caesar….

Vaccinated people getting COVID; local news tries to blame unvaccinated people for thatOchsner Hospital wants vaccine mandatory for employees

Vaccination clinics in Washington, D.C. schools

COVID infections in the White Houseconsidering return to masks

Previous statements of Harris and Biden on vaccinemore here

Dr. Fauci and Rand Paul have fiery exchange

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Louisiana newspaper spin on the veto overridemore hereand here

COVID on the increase, even among the vaccinatedhospitals placing new restrictions …  Biden admin considers pandemic of the unvaccinated :  “the unvaccinated are killing people” … COVID at the Olympics

Critical race theory infiltrates toy manufacturer

CRT in the military

Teachers union embraces critical race theoryanti-Israel

Smithsonian Museum system pushing Critical Race Theory

Guest: Donna Jackson of Project 21 and the National Center for Public Policy Research discussing mandatory teaching of Critical Race Theory in California public school district

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Louisiana veto override session begins tomorrow, Tuesday, July 20 at noon.  Join me at the Capitol at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday. Contact me if you need more info about tomorrow: kathleen@wsho.com

The real story of males in women’s sports

House members who voted not to hold veto session

Senate members who voted not to hold veto session

Inconvenient truth:  no one can change their gender

Should conservatives support Bruce Jenner for California governor

Guest:  Rich Holt of Project 21 discussing NFL announcement that they will be playing the “Black National Anthem” this season

Lyrics to Lift Every Voice and Sing

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I am heading off to this conference for the weekend

Today is the day …. Final day for decision on veto override session  … more on the possible override session

Mayor of New Orleans and other liberal mayors oppose override of 2nd Amendment bill veto

Battle over Slidell casino continues

New threats of COVID restrictionsmore here

Touch a Hawaiian seal – get death threats … take the lives of little unborn children – declared a hero

More attacks on Chick Fil Aand here

Teachers told to avoid “racist” math

“Racist” French Food

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Today is Bastille Day celebrated in France.  Was the French Revolution similar to the American Revolution?

Satire:  Has Texas found a way to get Democrats to leave ???

Worst legislative session ever for abortion industry

Progressive women want to date conservative men!

Guest: Christopher Holton of the Center for Security Policy

Risky business with Chinamore hereand here

Should China pay reparations for pandemic ??

Tucker Carlson says government monitoring private conversations