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Caring to Love Ministries Gala this Thursday with guest speaker Lee Strobel

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Guest: former LA state Senator, Elbert Guillory, discussing Black Voices for Trump

Congressman tries to prohibit telemedicine abortions

Who can sue over abortion limits

Members of President Trump’s inner circle tried to recruit Nikki Haley to oppose the President

Judge allows young pro-lifer’s lawsuit against Washington Post to go forwardmore here

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Pro-abortion governor of Virginia re-elected  … recall his comments on bill to allow babies who survive abortion to die

Pro-family Governor behind in Kentucky, asks for recount

Republican wins in Mississippi

Governor Edwards distancing himself from Rispone – Duke ads

Another Democrat drops out of Presidential race   … more hereand another campaign is on life support

Another Democratic fantasyeven the left wing media and Democrats criticize

Donald Trump, Jr.’s favorite Democrat

Trump administration protects at-risk childrenmore hereand here

President Trump meets with faith-based leaders at the White House