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Guest: Mark Miller of the Pacific Legal Foundation Discussing Is Government Quarantine constitutional

More here on Constitutional rights

President Trump walks back claim about Presidential authority to open the states

Check on your stimulus payment or add your bank information

State Legislative committees reject Emergency Plan for Presidential Primaries which included expanded mail in voting

New Orleans extending stay at home through May 16

State legislators calling for end to state shut down

Phone numbers to call to ask Governor Edwards to act now on shutting down abortion facilities during the pandemic:

(225) 342-0991

(225) 342-7015

(866) 366 1121

Guest: Christopher Arps of Project 21 discussing U.S. Surgeon General’s remarksmore here … and also integrity in the voting process

Louisiana Presidential Primaries to be delayed

President Obama endorses Joe BidenTrump campaign responds

Fear driving up abortions

Louisiana AG Jeff Landry launches task force

Legal concerns for businesses reopening amidst pandemic

Dr. Fauci walks back comments on hypothetical questionreporter asks if he is held hostage by President TrumpNY Times slams President Trump … with fake news

Tomorrow (04/15/20) both the House and Senate Government committees will be holding hearings regarding voting for the Presidential primaries.  They are taking public comment via email.  Also, is not clear how this would be voted on in the full House and Senate.  Not sure if they would have to vote in person or from a distance presumably without any debate.

The proposed plan will allow mail in ballots for a large variety of reasons related to the corona virus.  

Proposed plan here

This is supported by radical left wing groups which aim to allow mail in voting for any reason:

Louisiana Progress

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Vote by Mail Louisiana

Here are current rules for voting by mail

More info:

Vote by mail supported by Michelle Obama

Heritage Foundation: why vote by mail is a bad idea

NCSL Pros and Cons of mail in voting

More problems with mail in voting

Guest:  Michelle Black, Access Crisis Pregnancy Center, to donate to the diaper drive mentioned on the program today you can go to their website

You can contact Michelle at :  Michelle Black,mblack@ccano.org (504) 832-1503

The address of the office is:

921 Aris Avenue

Metairie, LA 70005

You can participate in the physical diaper drive:

Location: St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish

2501 Maine Ave, Metairie, LA 70003

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 8, 2020  10 am – 2pm

ABC trashes Mike Pence’s faith

Trump haters mock Christian businessman

Pray Nola

Corona virus a wakeup call??

Mockers and scoffers do not want Christian non-profits to receive rescue money

ESPN will be airing old football games

Guest:  Christopher Holton, Vice President for Outreach, Center for Security Policy discussing China’s culpability in the pandemicwebsite Christopher mentioned

Adult dependents not included in stimulus payments

Fifth circuit court of appeals allows Texas closure of abortion facilities during shutdownmore here

Abortion facilities should not be allowed to operate during the shutdown

Evidence that Chinese were conducting research on bats

The World Health Organization and Chinamore here

U.S. Funding of the WHO

Did China conceal the extent of the virus early on?  … more here

Is China accurately reporting about the virus?