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National Day of Prayer presidential proclamation2021 Prayer

Move to legalize marijuana could come this Monday

Liberals want to turn debate over recreational marijuana into a racial issue

Fairness in Women’s Sports bill passes Louisiana Senate

Abortion pill reversal bill moving forward in the Legislaturemore here

LA legislature considers getting rid of permit necessary for concealed carry 

Tucker Carlson guest discusses truth

Control the words …. Control the culture

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Legislative update

Prostitution decriminalization killed in House committeemore here  … and hereand here

Sports betting

House committee rejects fairness in women’s sports bill

St. Tammany casino moves forward in House committee  … more on gambling in Louisiana

Legalization of marijuana moving forward  

Audubon Zoo cancels pro-law enforcement event

Viral CIA recruiting video

WATCH: CIA Releases Woke Recruitment Video Encouraging Americans

To ‘Command’ Their ‘Space’

The Narcissistic Cult of Woke Has Taken Over the CIA

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo Hits CIA Ads: We Can Not Risk

National Security to Appease Woke Agenda

Ted Cruz Obliterates CIA’s Woke Recruitment Ad:

‘We’ve Come A Long Way From Jason Bourne’

CIA motto

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Part 2 of Today’s show

Guest: Louisiana State Representative Beryl Amedee

Here is a list of the bills which Rep. Amedee spoke about

Louisiana House of Representatives  225-342-6945

Government now telling us what we “can” do

New Orleans still under restrictions

Now using sex to sell COVID shot

Sen. John Kennedy weighs in on Hunter Biden teaching at Tulaneand also on President Biden’s speech to some members of Congress

President Biden “we the people are the government”

Mob trying to cancel conservative Louisiana LegislatorHere is the bill in questionmore here

Here is what Rep. Garofalo actually said which is being taken out of context

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Part 2 of Today’s Show

Governor JBE lifts the mask mandateJefferson parish lifts mask mandate as well

Unmasking the truth

New Orleans public school children don’t need to go to a school named after a voodoo priestess

Words to stop using now!more here

More Democrat censorship

Little College could make big impact on religious freedom

Dad of student at elite school fed up with divisive teaching on race

Sotomayor and Gorsuch say misinformation is a threat to national security

Hunter Biden to teach a course on “fake news” at Tulane University in N.O.

Slidell City Council rejects resolution to urge support of casino

Part 1 of Today’s Show

What’s up this week at the Louisiana Legislature

Push for legalization of recreational marijuana

Dangers of marijuana use, especially among youth

Troy Carter wins 2nd Congressional District seat

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana speaks out on recent Democrat rhetoric

The Biden Admin just filed an appeal seeking to force religious doctors and hospitals to perform potentially harmful gender-transition 

Equality Act threatens victims of abuse 

261 Transgender Prisoners Request Transfer Under

California Law; 255 to Women’s Prison

California prisons grapple with hundreds of

transgender inmates requesting new housing

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Guest: James Bowers, Communications Director, American Security Institute  also at  discussing:

Big Tech deception

Banning the right from banking

Conservative uprising against backlash on Georgia election law

States taking on big tech censorship

Corporations woke on China  … more here

Push to make Washington DC a state

House Will Vote on Whether to Make Washington D.C. a State

Biden Administration Supports D.C. Statehood, Defying Past Democrat Administrations’ Believing it Unconstitutional

D.C. Statehood Vote About ‘Creating Two New Democrat Seats’

It’s baaaaack – the Green New Deal on steroids