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Guests: Dr. Brandon Phillips and Jeremy Miller discussing their book, When I Wished Upon a Star

President Trump signs executive order on sanctions against Iran

President Trump delays ICE deportation actions

Supreme Court issues decision in heightened penalties for weapons possession case – Justice Kavanaugh joins liberal majority

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Trump ban on Planned Parenthood funding  … more here

Things looking more hopeful at the Ninth Circuit

Some highlights from President Trump’s rally last nightmore here“every life a sacred gift from God”

Broadway play about Bill and Hillary Clinton shuts down due to low ticket sales!

Stomping on sea turtle nest lands woman in jail

Today is observed as Juneteenth – celebrating the end of slavery after the Civil WarProject 21 weighs in

Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson jeered at Congressional hearings on reparations  … more here

New Orleans restaurants supporting Planned Parenthood and the New Orleans Abortion Fund

Guest:  Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, Family Research Council

Discussing Should Christians recognize LGBT Pride Month? and  Trans Activism

City of Lafayette, LA will vote on resolution declaring “gay pride”

President Trump kicks off his re-election tonight in Orlandomore here

Watch the rally live

Democrats will debate for the first time next week

Nancy Pelosi says of opposition to abortion: “this is scary”

Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand believes opposition to abortion is bigotrymore here

Supreme Court tosses case against Oregon Christian Bakersmore here

Jack Phillips of 2018 Supreme Court continues to be harassed by activists

Supreme Court will not hear case trying to remove “In God We Trust” from U.S. Currency

Here is where the 6 pro-life bills passed this legislative session stand

News on boycotts called for pro-life laws:

New Orleans restaurants supporting Planned Parenthood and the New Orleans Abortion Fund

Delta Airlines refuses to join boycott

Pornography star hosts event to pay for abortionsmore here