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Guest: Marie Fischer of Project 21, discussing impeachment of President Trump

Also discussing Black Hebrew Israelites from these two stories:

Nick Sandmann and the Black Hebrew Israelites

Anti-Semitic shooting in New Jersey

President Trump’s executive order on anti-semitism

Christmas hymn of the day: Hark the Herald Angels Sing

How many U.S. Presidents have faced impeachment?

President Trump’s possible next move on impeachmentanother view

Mark Levin:  it is all about the Supreme Court

Sen. Mitch McConnell blasts impeachment

President Trump after the impeachment vote

In the meantime, the House passes bloated spending bill

Christmas hymn of the day: O Come O Come Emanuel, Lyrics Here

London school changes word to “Away in a Manger”

Blasphemous Norwegian postal service ad

Netflix blasphemous film

Congresswoman Maxine Waters had weighed in on impeachment in 1998 .. Quite different than now

President Trump’s letter to Nancy Pelosi

Congressman Mike Johnson’s lays out the case against impeachment

FISA Court blasts FBI for “Misconduct”more hereanother point of view

Christmas song of the day: How Many Kings by Downhere

Guest: Daniel Ortner of the Pacific Legal Foundation, discussing the impeachment of President Trump

Pro-impeachment groups to protests at Steve Scalise office this afternoon

Senator Schumer asks for a fair trial in Senate impeachment trial

Planned Parenthood speaks out on recent Supreme Court decision

1/3 of abortion facilities have closed

5th Circuit rejects Mississippi 15 week abortion banLouisiana law also held upMississippi governor will continue to defend state law

Abortion candles????

No audio available for today’s show

Christmas hymn of the day: Good Christian Men Rejoice!

Sweet wedding story

Censorship at Bossier City student newspaper

New Orleans government computer cyberattackmore here2 LA sheriff offices also under attack

Conservative victory in the U.K.more hereand here

Democrats in Congress starting to count the cost  … President Trump tweets support

While others forge ahead regardless of the cost

Louisiana Congressman Richmond observed watching golf during the impeachment hearings

The Hallmark channel caves to LGBT pressureMayor Pete Buttegieg weighs inmore here

Guest: Dan Perkins discussing the shootings at Pennsacola Naval Air Station

300 Saudi military aviation students grounded in U.S. after base shooting… 

Navy looking to make it harder for foreign trainees to buy guns

Navy instructor pilots say “Arm Us”

Christian sailor died saving others in Pensacola

Christmas hymn of the day:  Come though long expected Jesus

Judiciary chair Nadler comments on impeachment in 1998

Senate Judiciary chair gives explosive speech, CNN refuses to cover