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Guest:  Christopher Holton, Center for Security Policy  discussing Security at the Southern Border


Mentioned on the show www.understandingthethreat.com


Great apologetics conference at the New Orleans Baptist Seminary


Networks reluctant to carry President’s address on border security


Palestinian American congresswoman profanely threatens President Trump with impeachment


Democratic Green Deal – more taxes!


Day one of the Democratic controlled Congress


Government shutdown may show us some functions of government better handled by private sector



Christmas hymn of the day: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


Guest:  Dr. Michael Busler, Judge strikes down Obamacare… what’s next for U.S. healthcare


Apollo 8 crew read from the book of Genesis on Christmas Eve, 1968


Sentencing of former aid of President Trump delayedsentencing judge accuses him of treason


President Trump may not hold out for $5 billion for the border wall


Christian persecution in China  … Safely Home by Randy Alcorn is a fictional novel about the persecution in China


Christian churches in Austin, TX face punishment if a new ordinance is left standing



Christmas hymn of the day:  Mary Did You Know?


WSHO Advent Calendar for today


Big News!!!  A woman wins Miss Universe contest

Note:  please listen all the way through the podcast to hear a correction regarding Individual mandate under Obamacare as a tax

Federal Judge rules against Obamacare


Where will the dismantling of Obamacare leave Louisiana?


U.S. Supreme Court rules that individual mandate was a tax


Guatemalan girl dies at the border


Christmas hymn of the day: Come thou long expected Jesus

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Lawsuit in Lafayette deters Drag Queen Story Hour

Boy Scouts considering bankruptcy

USA Today attacks young athlete over tweets from his early teen years

Clintons resorting to Groupon to sell tickets no one seems to want

It’s do or die for President and Trump and the border wall

Now migrant group wants payment to return to their homeland