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Louisiana moving into Phase 2but not New Orleans

Here’s what will be opening

President Trump declares “Antifa” a terrorist organization

Amidst the protests and riots, whatever happened to state imposed social distancing???

Black leaders call for end to violent protests  … including George Floyd’s son

Anarchists set fire to historic church  … President Trump visits the church with Bible in handEpiscopal Bishop rebukes Trumpand so does Nancy Pelosi (quoting from the Bible ????)

Is it time for federal government to send in the troops to protect against riots?

Guest: Allan Parker, President and Founder of The Justice Foundation along with Cindy Collins of Speak Hope

Did Norma McCorvey have a “deathbed confession” regarding her change of heart about abortion?more here

Here is interview Norma McCorvey did in 1995 as mentioned on today’s show.

Legislative update :  expanded alcoholic beverage home delivery and mail in ballots

Planned Parenthood applied for and received $80 million in Paycheck Protection Program money

CBS game show donates money to Planned Parenthood

Guest: Scott Shepard of the National Center for Public Policy Free Enterprise Project discussing Hershey Corporation support of Human Rights Campaign and CVS support of health care rationing

Ravi Zaccharias now with Jesusmore here

Some quotes from Ravi Zaccharias

Underlying conditions in COVID-19 deaths in LA

The risk level of various activities with respect to Corona virus

1% of U.S. counties home to half of COVID19 cases

President Obama goes after current administration over handling of pandemic