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Christmas hymn of the day: Come thou long expected Jesus

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Lawsuit in Lafayette deters Drag Queen Story Hour

Boy Scouts considering bankruptcy

USA Today attacks young athlete over tweets from his early teen years

Clintons resorting to Groupon to sell tickets no one seems to want

It’s do or die for President and Trump and the border wall

Now migrant group wants payment to return to their homeland

Christmas hymn of the day: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear


Trump lawyer gets 3 years in prison


Rats in Washington, D.C.  Literally!


President Trump, Rep. Pelosi, and Sen. Schumer in an heated meetingmore here


Nancy Pelosi refers to President Trump as a skunk


President Trump may use military to build border wallmore here


Woman pushes baby under border fence


President Trump will appoint new Attorney General he opposes Roe v Wade


President Trump will appoint new Ambassador to the United Nations



Democrats still don’t get it about conservative votersmore hereand here


Christmas Hymn of the Day:  Handel’s Messiah – For Unto Us a Child is Born


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Supreme Court declines to hear case involving Louisiana defunding of Planned Parenthood  … Justice Kavanaugh sided with the majority ruling to decline


President Trump may be charged for campaign violations related to hush money paymentsmore here


Former FBI director testifies before Congress


President Obama was fined $375,00 0 for campaign finance violations


Don’t forget!  Statewide election this weekend – Saturday December 8


President George H.W. Bush laid to rest today …. CNN commentator says that he would not have shaken President Trump’s hand at the funeral


Congressman Ralph Abraham enters the Louisiana Governor’s Race


No prison time for General Kelly in Mueller investigation


Protests in France over gas taxesmore here


Meanwhile Al Gore says there is a global climate emergency


Drag queen “grooming” children


Baton Rouge hosting drag queen story hourhopes it leads to more “family friendly” events



Guest: Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute, discussing gene editing and the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church


Gene Editing in China  … more here


Pope worried about homosexuality in the priesthoodsays gay trend influencing the clergy


“Ballot harvesting” used to swing elections in California


Joy Behar and Meghan McCain spar on “The View” over President Trump while eulogizing President George H.W. Bush


Radio interviewer plays “gotcha” on Lauren Daiglemore here

Wife of local pastor killed in carjacking


Republicans retain Mississippi Senate seat


NASA Mars landingeven the Science Guy says no colonization on Mars


U.S. Government lost billions on the bailout of General Motors  … President Trump threatens to cut off aid to the company


NBC reporter reveals the truth about the “caravan” at southern border


Media ignores use of tear gas during Obama administration


Media myths about President Trump’s border enforcement


Problems with the “caravan” at the southern U.S. border  … media having a fit  … more on the migrants  … more herePresident Trump makes a deal with Mexico


3 times previous presidents have closed the Southern border