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More on the Supreme Court hearing on Mississippi abortion lawJustice Clarence Thomas weighs inJustice Sotomayor weighs in …  more here

 Louisiana is ready for an abortion free future

Best chance to overturn Roe in decades

Roe will go

Governor JBE admin wants all school children vaccinated  

Louisiana legislators get involved

Harvard Infectious disease doctor explains the issue related to children and the shot

 Biden shot mandates continue to bite the dustFederal judges in Louisiana leading the way

Sen. Rand Paul blasts attempt to mandate vaccines for school children   … Dr. Fauci fights backmore here

More lockdowns and restrictions expected with omicron variant

Early voting is on for St. Tammany casino

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

From Louisiana Right to Life:

Today’s the Day! The Supreme Court  is arguing whether or not to overturn Roe v. Wade and recognize the humanity of the unborn child. It is riveting! You can hear the arguments at:  https://www.supremecourt.gov/oral_arguments/live.aspx

Here are a couple of related articles from us in the news!

Facts about the unborn child at 15 weeks

After Roe

Louisiana Right to Life after Roe

Christopher Holton Senior Analyst with the Center for Security Policy  Discussing what is going on with Antifa?

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Louisiana Right to Life will be holding press conferences around the state on Wednesday morning regarding the Supreme Court case.  You are welcome to join at any of these locations:

New Orleans at the Louisiana Right to Life Office (200 Robert E. Lee)

Wednesday, December 1st at 11:30AM

You are invited to gather at 11AM

Wear BLUE!

Baton Rouge at the steps of the Capitol (First St SE)

Wednesday, December 1st at 2:30PM

You are invited to gather at 2PM

Wear BLUE!

Shreveport at the steps of the District Court Building (300 Fannin St)

Wednesday, December 1st at 1PM

You are invited to gather at 12:30PM

Wear BLUE!

See their website on this issue

U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral arguments in Mississippi abortion casemore here

Paid leave after abortion?

Abortion the leading cause of death during COVID

New COVID on the loose … lockdowns threatenedmore here 

Federal judge blocks implementation of shot mandate on health care workersmore hereand here

Louisiana Supreme Court will hear Ochsner Health COVID mandate on December 7

Governor JBE admin wants all school children vaccinated  

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Guest: Donna Jackson of National Center for Public Policy Research discussing Biden environmental plans have clear ties to Critical Race Theory

Happy Thanksgiving!  Let’s thank the pilgrims for beating back socialism

Kyle Rittenhouse interview with Tucker Carlson

Build Back Better bill passes U.S. House … funds abortionLouisiana Senator Kennedy commentsas President Biden signs pro-LGBT infrastructure bill

Virginia Lt. Governor elect gives great answer when questioned about her vaccination status

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Update:  Biden nominee we discussed yesterday to oversee banking system was previously arrested for “retail theft”shoplifting

Update: U.S. Treasury amends proposal to track nearly all bank accounts

Biden admin wants to limit powers of HHS office of Civil Rightswhile Texans vote to secure religious freedom

OSHA suspends shot mandate in light of court decision

Effectiveness of COVID shots diminishes dramatically over time

Christians who think other “religions” lead to heaven????

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

6th Circuit court of appeals will hear the challenges to Biden OSHA shot mandatemore here

Students receive wrong dose of COVID shot

German member of the European Parliament speaks out on COVID totalitarianism

Lockdown of the unvaccinated in Austria

Biden plan to use tax dollars to shore up newspaper industry … Louisiana newspaper thinks it is a great idea

Biden nominee opposes private bank accounts

This is science????