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Mother’s Day idea from National Abortion Rights Action League Still not sure what to get your mom, aunt, step-mom, grandma, or maternal figure in your life for Mother’s Day? NARAL has a suggestion

Governor eases some restrictions on church services … says can be held outdoors

Lakeside Shopping Center goes curbside

Conservative Legislators working to reopen up Louisiana  … more here

Legislature plans to resume work on Monday

Governor Edwards visits the White House

President Trump suspends funding for the World Health Organizationglobalist Bill Gates disagrees

WHO Director previously accused of epidemic coverup

Would you take a corona virus vaccine made in China?

U.S. House of Representatives will not go back to work yetmore here

From Congressman Steve Scalise:

People showing up to work next week:

– Healthcare professionals

– Grocery store clerks

– Scientists

– Farmers

– Truckers

– Police Officers

– Manufacturers

– President Trump

– The Senate

People NOT showing up to work next week:

– House Democrats

Has hell frozen over –  Media outlets retract and apologize for fake news …  CNN uses misleading alarming photo footage  … Politico and Yahoo apologize for smearing President Trump

Media coverup on Biden accuser …  more here  …  and here … meanwhile Hillary Clinton endorses

More accusers for Joe Biden

Guest:  Rich Holt of the National Center for Public Policy Research discussing hating homeschoolers at Harvard

Harvard Magazine article that started the firestorm over homeschoolingmore here  … and hereand here

Patient rushed away in an ambulance from New Orleans abortion facilitymore here

Al Gore endorses Joe Biden saying “it’s a no brainer”

Legislative committees approve emergency election plan for Presidential Primaries

Progressives see this crisis as an opportunity

Governor Edwards may start re-opening the state at the end of April

President Trump says some governors have gone too far

Dennis Prager: if half the countries deaths were in Montana

New Orleans police to conduct “instructional” checkpoints for shutdown scofflaws

Liberty Council calls for churches nationwide to open on May 3 

Louisiana Right to Life calls on the Governor to enforce his order on non-essential medical procedures 

Governor Edwards’ acting secretary of health comments on on-going abortions 

Guest:  Glenn Roper of Pacific Legal Foundation discussing mask mandates and other constitutional issues surrounding the pandemic  What about “immunity papers“?  … Mandatory masks in New York

Governor of New York: God did not do it

Is the pandemic an opportunity for power grab?

Judge in Illinois rules that health department must provide names of Covid19 patients to law enforcement

President Trump issues guidelines in opening up the countryLA Governor Edwards says Louisiana will not be one of the first to ramp up

LA Senator John Kennedy: open up the economy