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When “white” became and ideology

Trump administration defunding of Planned Parenthood went into effect Monday, August 19in the meantime Planned Parenthood making demandsmainstream media not happy about it

Trump administration releases new rule for the detention of migrants at Southern border

Gillette political correctness flops

Project 21’s Blueprint for a Better deal for Black America being considered in troubled Ferguson, MO

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Sex Education or Indoctrination?

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Christian singer says he is no longer a believer

Louisiana to subsidize Chinese chemical plant

Guests:  Chris and Don Jolissaint of Child Evangelism Fellowship

Guest: Dr. David Hogberg of Project 21 and National Center for Public Policy Research discussing the Lower Health Care Cost Act which is supported by Sen. Bill Cassidy

Democratic politician from Texas “outs” San Antonio Trump donors

Violent protesters outside home of Mitch McConnell (warning bad language)

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