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Guests:  Chris and Don Jolissaint of Child Evangelism Fellowship of New Orleans – training opportunity on March 16, 2019 – Call 504-455-5396

President Trump says he would be ok with changing how daylight savings time works

Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek reveals Stage 4 cancer – media ties to President Trump!more here

Trump signing Bibles … media suddenly gets biblical

Tucker Carlson not apologizing for remarks made on vulgar radio show  … a show which received fines from FCC over indecency

H.R. 1 to federalize elections passes the House of Representatives  … Democrats reject amendment to prohibit illegal aliens voting

The Democrat problem with anti-Semitism

Democrat resolution on anti-Semitismwhy some voted against it

Illegal border crossing triples since 2017

Homeland Security secretary testifies about the migrant crisis at the border

Congress considering resolution in opposition to President Trump’s declaration of national emergency

U.S. House of Representatives to vote on H.R. 1 on Friday, March 8more here

Wait!!! … Hold on…. Maybe Hillary Clinton not ruling out run for Presidency …  Run Hillary Run!  A deeply divided Democrat party is President Trump’s best hope for re-election.

Democrats seeking to overturn President Trump’s ban on funding abortion overseasmore here

Get your pro-abortion apparel right heremore hereno, forget about that website – go to Louisiana Right to Life store and get pro-life tshirts, etc.

House Democrats block anti-infanticide bill for the 12th time

Latest study says they have found the least prejudiced place in America

Brawl breaks out at Chinese buffet

Post Office employee steals $600k to pay for gambling habit

Another Bourbon Street strip club license suspended

Gambling promoters hypocrite hall of fame

High School wrestler forfeits rather than fight girl  … more here

Democrats and socialism  … will this sink their chances for Presidency?

The cost of the Green New Deal

and then there is Medicare for all

Meanwhile, here in Louisiana government verifying Medicaid eligibility

Phone number for Senator Mitch McConnell –   Phone: (202) 224-2541

Senate vote on preventing infanticide failsmore here

Get the DVD for the movie Gosnell

Oral arguments in the Bladensburg cross case on Wednesday

United Methodists vote to maintain Biblical stance on human sexualityAfrican members won’t trade Bible for dollars

Trump State Department urges decriminalizing homosexuality worldwide  … but here is another take on what is going on