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One mainline magazine suggests that the eclipse is racist


President Trump views the eclipse… media upset because he took off the special glasses for a moment


Bernstein and Brinkley think the president is mentally incompetent; Bernstein wants millitary to remove the president from office


New Orleans March on Saturday


U.S. Civil Rights Commission refuses to condemn fascist Antifa


Celebrities fomenting impeachment


Louisiana Right to Life offers course in pro-life persuasion


Drainage pumps were not working during historic flood  … S&WB director resigns


Trump administration identifies New Orleans as sanctuary city


Mayor Landrieu takes on the Trump administration over immigration policiesmore hereand more here


A win for Christian photographer … well sort of


No cake for Trump fan  … more here


More fake news from the Times Picayune



Would today’s Christians “frighten” Jesus?  .. More here