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SATIRE:  the dangers of homeschooling your kids 🙂

No Tuna in Subway tuna sandwich ????

Power company controlling your thermostat ????

Biden admin looking for friends and family to report “radicalized” people

Agenda of secular Democrats

Interesting Supreme Court decision on student free speech

JBE vetoes concealed carry bill

Could we have a veto override session?

Meanwhile, the Advocate says JBE veto on women’s sports bill should stand

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Governor Edwards signs and vetoes bills: 


Slidell casino 

Smoking marijuana 

Women’s sports protections 

Correction from yesterday’s show regarding Senate voting on election bill … more here 

Congressional Republicans block horrible election bill 

Dem Senators defend the filibuster  

Schumer:  voter suppression has become part of the official platform of the Republican party 

Dems turning on Joe Biden 

Biological male to compete in women’s Olympics … more here … and here 

Pride festival charges “reparation” fee 

Congressman Dares US Bishops to Deny Him Communion Over Support for Abortion, Contraception … more here … and here 

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Today is the longest day of the year!

Intelligent design but ignoring the uniqueness of humans made in the image and likeness of God

Horrific experiments performed on babies

More horror here

HHS Secretary refuses to agree that partial birth abortion is illegal in the U.S.

New York Congresswoman questions HHS Secretary about religious liberty

Now Louisiana government dangling a million dollar lottery as bribe to get COVID shot

Next target of the woke culture – private schools!

Part 1 of Today’s show
Part 2 of Today’s show

Supreme Court refuses to strike down Obamacare

Supreme Court upholds religious freedom in foster care case

U.S. Department of Education orders sports and bathrooms must be open to transgenders … wants  of boys supersede the rights and needs of girls

Teen Unloads On Virginia School Board: ‘Your Proposed

Policies Are Dangerous And Rooted In Sexism’

Jack Phillips, the Colorado cake baker, loses a round in court

IRS, Bible too Republicanmore here

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s show

Followup on the Southern Baptist Conventional annual meeting … president election and Critical Race Theorymore here  … and here

Governor Edwards signs bill decriminalizing marijuana says it is not decriminalizing! 

Perfect proof that government is addicted to gambling

The truth about BLM from an insidermore heremore criticism of BLM foundermore hereand here

Black Congressman refused membership in Congressional Black Caucusmore here